Joop Doomernik
revamps Trintella

If there is one yacht builder who is able to revamp the Trintella brand, it is Joop Doomernik.

For the Dutch yard owner with 30 years of experience in high quality yacht building, Trintella goes back to his youth when he became a member of a yacht club in his hometown ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The club resided next to the world famous yacht builder Trintella Yachts. It’s founder, Anne Wever, was still at the wheel and Doomernik witnessed all the beautifully finished Trintella’s leave the sheds and moored in front of the yard in the small lake next to it

"There simply is no substitute for quality.
Only perfect is good enough"
– Joop Doomernik

First Dragon

A few years later at 16, Doomernik was proudly restoring his first Dragon. Sometimes, Anne Wever came to have a look together with foreign clients to see the mahogany beauty. This is when Doomernik picked up the idea of one day owning a boat yard himself. Again a few years later, Joop Doomernik spent a few months at Trintella Yachts as apprentice. It is there that he learned one thing in particular: “There simply is no substitute for quality. Only perfect is good enough.”

Revamp the brand

Nowadays, Doomernik owns an internationally recognized boatyard which combines the latest technology with modern-classic beauty building racing one design Dragon yachts and the Wally Nano MKII. The yard is appreciated by connaisseurs for high quality, high end finish and eye for detail. A couple of years ago, Doomernik acquired the brand name Trintella. First, simply to make sure the brand would be into the right hands. Then the idea came to mind to revamp the brand. With the end result an old dream comes true: a new range of Trintella yachts starting with the breathtaking Trintella 45 and Trintella 50 designed by second to none world famous designer Germán Frers.