Trintella revives with stunning Germán Frers designs

Trintella 50

'There simply is no substitute
for quality. Only perfect is
good enough'

Trintella revives with stunning Germán
Frers designs

The iconic Dutch brand Trintella revives with a complete new range of sailing yachts. World famous designer Germán Frers has designed a range of true gentleman’s yachts starting with the Trintella 45 and Trintella 50. Exclusive yachts with a classic touch and a style that blends high quality, timeless elegancy and great eye for detail. The good old Trintella in two completely new versions, built in The Netherlands to renowned Dutch quality standards combined with superb Frers Design sailing characteristics.

The ultimate experience

For the demanding sailor who goes for high quality and optimal sailing performance, the Trintella is something trulyspecial. It is the ultimate experience of luxury and exclusivity in an intimate atmosphere with a select group of friends or family. Or with just the two of you, since it is possible to sail the Trintella single handed thanks to innovative sail management systems. Sailing a Trintella new style gives you the exceptional feeling of freedom and individuality.

Timelessly modern

The construction and technology of the Trintella yachts ensure the lasting value for generations to come. In accordance with Frers design philosophy true beauty lasts more than one lifetime. The breathtaking designs are therefore timelessly modern. They come alive in acclaimed Dutch yacht building quality, ensuring the head turning result.