Trintella 50
News – tuesday 30 june

A new era has dawned for Trintella

We proudly present a complete new range of Trintella yachts, built in the Netherlands. According to our philosophy of high-end yacht building, we found second to none world famous designer Germán Frers willing to design a range of true gentleman’s yachts. Starting with the breathtaking Trintella 45 and Trintella 50. Exclusive yachts with a classic touch and a style that blends high quality craftsmanship, timeless elegancy and great eye for detail. With the revival of the Trintella brand, we add a new activity next to our internationally renowned boatyard. All built according to the latest technology with modern-classic beauty. For the good old Trintella this means a new era has dawned.  

Joop Doomernik
Owner Trintella Yachts