'It’s a belief I have that design should transcend generations'

Germán Frers

Designs 1388 & 1389 Trintella 45 & 50.
By Germán Frers

It was with great sympathy and enthusiasm that we received the commission to design these two day-cruiser sailing yachts to be build under the traditional brand of Trintella. The brief from Joop Doomernik when we met in St Tropez last year while being moored side by side at the main harbor during the Voiles, was straight forward. The accent was put on traditional beauty, simplicity and ease of handling by a single person or a couple intending to go out for a short sail and the occasional chance to spend a night on board. The plum bow in combination with a bowsprit and a gracious sheer line is both traditional, efficient, and modern at the same time. The elegant, swept back transom overhang aft offers a very nice sunbathing area both at anchor, or while sailing in light airs. The low coach roof and ample cockpit are concentrating amidships. The cockpit area is generous and sports a nice table, winches are accessible from the steering wheel. The deck is clean and sports a self-tacking jib track. The interior is comfortable for two persons with a nice toilet, small galley and sleeping quarters. There is a traditional standing headroom in the main “saloon”. The hull lines are those of a relatively light displacement well balanced hull that coupled with an efficient keel and single rudder will be fast and a pleasure to drive. The simple swept back spreader fractional rig is efficient and strong and simple. A roller furled asymmetric spinnaker set from the bowsprit is available for the performance-oriented group.