Vitamin B12 And Acne

Among all vitamins, B12 has the most intricate and largest structure. It is a water-soluble vitamin that is also known as cobalamin. It has the unusual cobalt element at the center surrounded by an organized molecule also called as Corinn ring. Structurally, vitamin B12 is composed of vitamers – a class of compounds that has a uniform vitamin activity. Vitamin B12’s most important role in our body is to maintain normality of brain functions and nervous system. It also has an active part in the body’s cell metabolism, especially in breaking down fatty acids and amino acids. It also helps the red blood cells in forming hemoglobin.

According to this site, the body alone cannot produce vitamin B12 – neither plants nor fungi too. For its synthesis it requires enzymes that are only present in bacteria and archaea. And most of the time it can be found in some meat because of its bacterial symbiosis. So, vegetarians usually suffer vitamin B12 deficiency. It is particularly a task for them to take supplementary vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 has been used for several medical purposes but its deficiency causes a lot of diseases too. Sometimes these illnesses cause irrevocable damage. First and foremost, it is a supplement needed to avoid chronic diseases in the nervous system. Also, because it has a key role in hemoglobin formation, lack of vitamin B12 results into anemia. Vitamin B12 has also been connected to some skin diseases especially acne. This vitamin is known to be an anti-oxidant. It helps blood circulation and regeneration of skin cells. So overall, it is good for skin health. But also, it has been associated to be cause of acne. Excessive intake of this vitamin has been related to massive acne breakouts.

So what is the best solution for acne? It is important to weigh the consequences. If you have a disease that is a lot more serious than acne, then get those vitamins down your system. Of course, it is important to follow your prescription. It may cause breakouts but there are also other methods of treating acne. Taking these supplements cannot cure acne alone. One should observe proper hygiene, eat healthy, exercise regularly, and avoid activities that are harmful to the body’s health. Acne might be a skin problem that is caused by dirt and other pollutants, but skin health can also be maintained by keeping our internal organs healthy. After all, our body organs are interconnected and can sometimes affect one other.